In Hawaii, Old Buses Will Become Mobile Homeless Shelters

In Hawaii, Old Buses Will Become Mobile Homeless Shelters

Honolulu has a homelessness problem, and state officials are tackling it in an unconventional and extremely resourceful way.

With the help of architecture firm Group 70 International, the state plans to retrofit a fleet of retired city buses and deploy them as roving homeless shelters throughout Honolulu.

Each bus will serve a different purpose; one will house showers, while another will provide sleeping quarters for the homeless population in the city. The buses will require extensive renovations in order to convert them from transit vehicles to comfortable living spaces. They are all in good working order, but have been retired from regular service due to high mileage.

Group 70 International hopes to have at least three buses completed by the end of the summer. They’re also seeking partnership with a non-profit organization in order to expand the scope of the plan. In total, the city of Honolulu has agreed to donate about 70 buses to the project.

When you hear about projects like this, you can’t help but think about the thousands of other public transit vehicles that have outlived their careers, but not their usefulness.

These days, people are finding all kinds of creative ways to put retired buses back to work; from food trucks, to camping vehicles, to homeless shelters.

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Product Spotlight: 1999 Van Hool T2145 Highway Coach

Product Spotlight: 1999 Van Hool T2145 Highway Coach

With springtime in full swing, now is the perfect time to upgrade your fleet with a reliable coach bus to accommodate the increased traffic of travel season. At Las Vegas Bus Sales, we’re fortunate enough to have a number of excellent used options available for customers in the market for an affordable addition to their bus fleets. Among these buses is the 1999 T2145 highway coach from the engineers at Van Hool.


Since their first buses began to roll off the assembly lines in Belgium in the late 1940’s, Van Hool has established a well-regarded reputation for excellence in the bus manufacturing industry. With its clean, streamlined design, extended 45 foot frame and powerful Cummins turbo diesel engine, the T2145 is a favorite of the Van Hool luxury touring coach line.


When they were first introduced in 1996, the Van Hool T21 series boasted the latest and greatest in luxury technology. Today, the T2145 is still widely regarded as one of the finest luxury coaches in the Van Hool lineup.


Product Spotlight: 1999 Van Hool T2145 Highway CoachThis T2145 comes packed with passenger amenities, including high-back reclining seats with arm and foot rests, an integrated DVD video system with 5 monitors, and power sun visors to minimize glare. In addition to these interior features, the T2145 is also equipped with aluminum alloy wheels for an extra smooth and comfortable ride.


The Cummins ISM turbo diesel engine with Allison automatic transmission has been a proven drive train for many years in the industry, so you can rest easy knowing that a T2145 will serve you well into the future. At a price point that can’t be beat, this bus is an ideal choice for bus services in search of used options. Want to learn more about the T2145? Give us a call today for more information, and browse our entire inventory here.