RTC Transit App Is Saving Thousands of Dollars in Expenses

RTC Transit App Is Saving Thousands of Dollars in Expenses

Last year, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada released a smartphone app called rideRTC that allows riders to purchase tickets digitally and easily find bus routes to locations throughout Las Vegas. The app was designed to make it easier for visitors to find their way around the city, and eliminate barriers that might dissuade people from using public transportation. In addition to helping people plan their bus rides, rideRTC can also connect people with ridesharing services and find RTC Bike Share locations around Las Vegas.

Now, less than 10 months after the app was released, the RTC has revealed some promising figures about its performance.

Since rideRTC went live, riders have used it to purchase more than 100,000 bus passes. By eliminating the need to print paper passes, the app has already saved the RTC an estimated $10,000. As rideRTC’s user base continues to grow, these savings are expected to increase in the future. On average, the RTC estimates their app is being downloaded more than 6,000 times per month.

In conjunction with the release of their transit app, the RTC also outfitted all of its fixed-route buses with “scan and go” mobile ticket validators that allow people to validate their bus fares with a smartphone. By modernizing and streamlining Las Vegas’ transit service, the RTC hopes to increase ridership rates and successfully adapt to the changing landscape of public transit.

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Designer Creates Comprehensive Transit Map for NYC

Designer Creates Comprehensive Transit Map for NYC

New York City’s famous public transport system is known for being a lot of things, but simple isn’t one of them.

Even for longtime residents of the city, finding the quickest route from one destination to another can be challenging.

The complexity of the NYC transit system has been compounded by the fact that the city’s Metro Transit Authority (MTA) has never created a map that includes both subway lines and bus routes. Instead, riders must consult different maps to see all the different components that comprise the city’s massive public transit system.

Soon, however, thanks to New York City native and professional designer Anthony Denary, transit riders may finally be able to see all their available bus routes and subway lines in one simple map.

  • Denary calls it the “Bullet Map,” and he’s recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund both an app and a printed version of the map. So far, he’s generated more than half of his $8,000 fundraising goal.
  • He was inspired to design the map based on his experiences growing up in Queens. Although he had spent years transferring from the Q5 bus line to the E train in Jamaica, he had never seen a complete picture of the city’s bus map.
  • After drafting his own map, he realized that there were more efficient transit routes around the city that he’d never been aware of.

Now, he’s hoping that his map will help to alleviate transit “tunnel vision” so that other people can find new, faster routes around the city as well. Ultimately, he hopes the map might even be adopted by the MTA.

Next time you’re visiting The City That Never Sleeps, be sure to keep an eye out for the Bullet Map app to make your travels a little easier.